Parent Organization: Belmont University

Mathematical Association of America & Association for Computing Machinery

Who We Are

MAACM is the Math and Computer Science club here at Belmont University. We are made of chapters of the Mathematical Association of America and Association for Computing Machinery. Anyone is welcome to be a part of MAACM; it's not only for math and computer science majors and minors.

What We Do

Monthly Meetings – MAACM meets monthly to discuss upcoming events. There is usually a short, fun math or computer science presentation, and there is always food.

Game Day – This is one of MAACM's signature events. There are cards, board games, video games, food and more. It's always a great way to hang out with Belmont's finest students and teachers. Game Day is held once a semester on a Friday afternoon/evening.

MM&Ms – MAACM sponsors several math lectures and convos with snacks called Math Musings and Munchies. MM&Ms are often presented by teachers or senior students who have done some research or just know something neat that they would like to present.

Math/CS Competitions – Members of MAACM are invited to participate in team math and computer science competitions every year. There are usually several practice sessions offered to ready the teams for battle.

Community Service - Each semester MAACM participates in one group Community Service project. Participation is not mandatory, but is encouraged. Recent events have included various projects with Hands On Nashville in the fall and Family Literacy Day in the spring.

Problem Solving Competition

Have you ever wanted to show off your insane math skills?  Here's your chance!  Each month, a set of problems will be posted for anyone to try and solve.  Multiple submissions are allowed, but only your first correct solution counts. A prize will be awarded at the end of the year to the student that correctly (and most quickly) completes the most problems.

(Problems and complete description available at the front desk in the CSM office located in the WAC)


  • Any Belmont student may enter.
  • Write solutions clearly and SHOW ALL WORK.
  • If answers are on multiple pages, secure them together.
  • Include your name and phone number on every sheet, as well as anyone who assisted you.
  • Include date and time of your submission.
  • Bring your solutions to Dr. Pinter or leave them in the envelope provided on his office door.

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